Governing Bodies

Governing council

Hon. Mr. Jordi Puigneró
Minister of Vicepresidency, Digital Policies and Territory (Government of Catalonia)

Representing Catalan Government
Ms. Natàlia Mas
Director-General for Industry (Government of Catalonia)

Mr. Isidre Gavín
Secretary for Infrastructure and Mobility (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Joan Gómez Pallarès
Director-General for Research (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Eugenio Oñate
Full Professor (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Representing UPC · BarcelonaTech
Dr. Daniel Crespo
Rector (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Jordi Llorca
Vice-rector of Scientific Policy (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Esther Real
Full Professor (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Representing UNESCO
Dr. Lluís Ramallo
President of the Spanish Commission of UNESCO

Executive council

Dr. Eugenio Oñate
Catedràtic (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Mr. Xavier Baulies

Department of Digital Policies and Territory (Government of Catalonia)

Mr. Daniel Marco
Department of Digital Policies and Territory (Government of Catalonia)

Dr. Jordi Llorca
Vice-Rector for Research (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Climent Molins
Vice-Rector for Transformation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Àlvar Vinacua
Vice-Rector for Digital Strategy (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Pedro Díez
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Gabriel Bugeda
UPC · BarcelonaTech

Dr. Xavier Sànchez-Vila
Director of DECA (UPC · BarcelonaTech)

Dr. Ernest Bladé
In representation of Flumen

Dr. Lluís Rovira
Institució Centres de Recerca de Catalunya

Mr. Jordi Aguasca
ACCIÓ, Generalitat de Catalunya

Dr. Cecilia Soriano

Scientific Advisory Council

The Advisory Scientific Council (ASC) of CIMNE is formed by prestigious international researchers in the field of numerical methods in engineering.
Its role is to provide advice and guidance to the Executive and Governing Councils of CIMNE on the scientific policy of CIMNE.

Check the composition of the ASC of CIMNE.