CIMNE publishes books, journals, monographs, scientific reports and educational software on the theory and applications of numerical methods in engineering and applied science.
The publications of CIMNE can be visited and ordered via Internet on the website Most publications can be freely downloaded from the web. We list below the publications of CIMNE in 2021.

Number of CIMNE publications (1987-2021)
Edited books87
Text books48
Research reports417
Technical reports643
Papers in journals (since 2009) 1.126


Cervera Ruiz M., Blanco E., Mecánica Avanzada de Estructuras (digital), CIMNE, pp. 335, 2021.

Cervera Ruiz M., González J.M., Resistencia de materiales (digital), CIMNE, pp. 302, 2021.


Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering. Editors: Kleiber M., Oñate E. Springer, 2021. Journal Impact Factor (2021): 7.302; 5 Year Impact Factor (2021): 8.169; Downloads (2021): 322.209.

Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería. Editors: Oñate E., Idelsohn S.R., Scipedia, 2021. Views: 77031; Score percentile: 100; Impact Factor (2021): 0.513.


In 2020 CIMNE researchers have published 2 monographs:

Cornejo A., Oñate E., Zárate F., Fully Lagrangian Formulation For Fluid-Structure Interaction Between Free-Surface Flows And Multi-Fracturing Solids, CIMNE, M192, pp. 398, 2021.

Yubero M.T., Gens A., Di Mariano A., Ejecución De Túneles En Terreno Deltaico Mediante Tuneladora EPB. El Caso De La Línea 9, CIMNE, M193, pp. 720, 2021.

Publications in Journals

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